Recap of the 2017 Workshop in Frankfurt

How was the workshop?

After the opening, a short keynote from Midaxo on “Hit the ground running faster: make your PMI process repeatable”(below) showed how companies can accelerate and improve M&A processes by further automation. Then, our design thinking coach, Olaf Mackert, introduced everybody on the underlying concepts from agile and design thinking used in the workshop.

A first round of parallel, interactive 75 minute workshops followed, which were discussing topics like acqui-hires, communication and integration of new business models. Each of these workshops was held in teams of ten to enable proper motivation, interaction and communication between attendees.

After the lunch break a second round of workshops followed, this time on topics like integration planning during due diligence and after signing, next generation M&A processes and cultural integration. Then a keynote presentation by SNP AG on "Next generation IT Integration" (below) showed powerful IT tools to analyse and enable integration of IT landscapes of acquirer and target.

A last round of workshops on the topics of preparing for serial acquisitions and on leveraging tools for successful IT integration was successfully held.

In parallel to the action in the workshop, a comprehensive exhibition showed off innovations in M&A like a marketplace for procurement of strategic consultants or an online training for post merger integration knowledge.

Participants will get writeups of the workshop results as well as photos and videos of the workshop. In addition they have the opportunity to engage in the community of the workshop, Gesellschaft für Post Merger Integration (


40 Merger integration experts from participating companies and from sponsors plus seasoned experts from the merger integration association ( You will meet participants from companies like

BANK OF CHINA, Bosch, CMS, Daimler, FAS AG, International Mergers and acquisitions alliance, German pmi association, Innocorp, MAERSK, Mediengruppe Pressedruck, Philips, SAP, Schaeffler, Siemens, SNP, SynomiC, Xperience connect gmbh.

What was the experience at the workshop?

WHat did people like?

We collected feedback at the end of the workshop what people liked about it. They liked the interaction and openness in the teams, the interactive involvement, the high level of motivation and energy of participants, that we dedicated more time (75 min.) for each topic discussed, the quality of people and discussions, meeting other M&A people and working with design thinking. In addition everybody enjoyed the great food and learned how to use post-its properly!

WHat were the topics in the interactive group discussions?

Look who´s talking: Essential COMMUNICATION in merger integration

Talking to Martians: CULTURAL INTEGRATION issues and resolutions

No business like new business: BUSINESS MODEL INTEGRATION of new, innovative or disruptive business models of targets

No fooling but tooling: Leveraging TOOLS for successful IT INTEGRATION

One more time: Preparing for SERIAL ACQUISITIONS

The early bird catches the worm: INTEGRATION PLANNING during due diligence and after signing

Disruption galore: Brainstorming next generation M&A processes

Acqui-HIRES: buying companies for people only

What were the keynotes?

"Hit the ground running faster: make your PMI process repeatable" by Midaxo


"Next generation IT Integration"  by SNP AG

What was the Atmosphere at the workshop?

The terms friendly, open, collaborative and productive describe the workshop best.

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Who made it possible?

Besides participants, our sponsors´ support for the workshop make it all possible. So here they are: