GOALS and agenda
of the 2017 workshop

Goals of the workshop

1.Provide a new type of workshop made by you: Interact, discuss, Learn

An immersive experience. You are the main act. Interact, discuss, learn with and from like-minded professionals of many different companies.

2.Bring together merger integration professionals

A mix of few presentations, intense workshops in small teams to provide you with best practices for your daily integration work.

3. Jumpstart a new community of merger integration professionals

The interaction does not end at the workshop, but it continues in a community of like-minded professionals.

4. Be charitable

A share of the profit go to a charitable association fostering the knowledge on post merger integration (GFPMI.DE).

Agenda of the workshop


May 23rd, 2017, 8.30 AM - 6.00 PM.


You gave input, we listened. Topics have been voted upon via internet voting in January 2017. The resulting topic based workshops will be interactive based on design thinking. A group of about 10 people will work for one hour on each of the following topics:

Look who´s talking: Essential COMMUNICATION in merger integration

Talking to Martians: CULTURAL INTEGRATION issues and resolutions

No business like new business: BUSINESS MODEL INTEGRATION of new, innovative or disruptive business models of targets

No fooling but tooling: Leveraging TOOLS for successful IT INTEGRATION

One more time: Preparing for SERIAL ACQUISITIONS

The early bird catches the worm: INTEGRATION PLANNING during due diligence and after signing

Disruption galore: Brainstorming next generation M&A processes

Acqui-HIRES: buying companies for people only

Mystery topic II



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