Experience is the only thing that counts

Experiences are the experiences that attendees bring to the workshop and the experience we all will take home from the workshop.

We are striving for one of the best experiences you ever had in a workshop.

And we rely on you to tell us what your needs are to have that experience.

This page shows the details of the May 2016 workshop in Frankfurt.

Ingredients of the experience

Here is what we plan to do:

The Ambience

Villa Kennedy is the perfect, five star, no worries location for workshops. Enjoy the ambience.

the audience

We will ensure a good mix of participants from different backgrounds, past experiences, industries and few consultants in workshops. Click HERE to see the experts of the workshop.

THE workshops

Besides few presentations, there will be several topic based workshops run in design thinking fashion. Small, diverse teams are key for workshop success. So workshops will be limited to 7-10 people. Always led by seasoned experts on workshop topics and assisted by a design thinking coach.


Memories are key parts of learning experiences. We will make sure you will take home memories in what you learned, in photos and videos.


Tatkraft Events will make sure that the event will be perfectly organized.


This workshop will be in English language only.

the dress code

Dress code is business casual.