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Follow the path of creation of the European workshop on merger integration in this blog.

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APRIL 27th

We just ordered several kilograms of post-it notes for the workshop. As stated before, we will run the topic-based workshops based on design thinking and this will be done using lots of post-its. This will be fun. And we added an academic partner to the workshop: IMAA.


April 17th

Should we reveal everything we do to make this workshop a success? Certainly not. Sorry copycats. This week we will do some magic and make sure participants will be happy. If you are not participating, you will not know. So please join the workshop.

April 13th

The agenda is close to final. We have more topic based workshop time and more time to talk, too.

More experts mean more competence at the workshop. We have key people from the Gesellschaft für PMI e.V. at the workshop. In addition we will have three young rising stars (students) at the workshop, who were selected for their outstanding master thesis in the merger integration space. The awards will be presented to them at the end of the workshop.

And we have one additional sponsor: Rödl & Partner:



Yes, things are moving forward. We have ordered notepads, rollups so you can continue the web experience at the workshop location. you will love it.

April 3rd

More people have signed up to come to the workshop. There are some tickets left so buy your ticket now!

Now it is time to reengage the community and the participants again to finetune the workshop. stay tuned for further interaction before the workshop.

March 19th

Press releases are in preparation and will go out on Monday. We now have experts from Nokia, SAP, Bosch and other companies that will make the workshop enjoyable.

March 17th

Tataaa! We have a new sponsor! SNP AG ist the IT Integration sponsor of the workshop. Key expertise on handling IT integration is now added to the workshop! See the experts page for more information.

MARCH 11th

Busy times. Hurry to get tickets, we have people joining the workshop every day, and we only have 20 tickets left!

We will add another sponsor shortly. We are working on the community functionality of the website. all people with tickets for the workshop and all who have signed up to our community will have fun.

March 2nd

We have the event published in Linkedin and Xing.

February 29th 2016

We just ordered furniture for our workshop. Well, special furniture that is. For our workshop, to create the perfect environment, we need special work tables and equipment to create the experience.


Tickets are selling well. Get yours at TICKETS. Today we are determining the equipment and furniture for the location! More sponsor discussions.

Please have a look at our experts page, this page is filling up nicely with expertise in many, many cases, industries, merger types. this workshop should not be missed.


We made it very clear on the website now: This workshop is based on Design Thinking. How do we do this? Examples are:

Before the workshop: We asked participants about their idea of a perfect workshop and created it along those lines.

At the workshop: For each topicof the workshop, we will have a design thinking based discussion of issues and we will create new solutions based on the inputs of the workshop participants.

February 11th

The Experts page is online. This list will grow over time!

February 10th

Please welcome AON Hewitt and Accuracy as new sponsors!


February 9th

We hired a design thinking coach. He will make sure we work creatively in the topic-based workshops. this will be fun.

We now have a download page!

February 5th

Ticket sales is set up and will start February 11th. Beyond the deal staffs and sponsors a workshop.

February 1st

Two additional sponsors signed. Signed media partner M&A Review!

January 31st

We are setting us further apart from other workshops. Why wait for the workshop? We will publish know-how every Wednesday for the next nine weeks to share knowledge with you. Get some information for free! Have a look at the KNOW-HOW PAGE.


Getting in touch with a photographer for the workshop and .. deal.

We will have beautiful photos. see examples here. also preparing ticket sales. Midaxo joins the league of sponsors.

January 27th

Sponsor count is four. good progress. Collecting experts to enrich the workshop experience.

January 24th

Our registration site is being set up. Registration will start February 11th 2016.

Added dress code business casual to the experience page.

January 23rd

An interesting week has passed. Let me list the achievements.


We jointly selected topics for the workshop, see the AGENDA PAGE

Based on interviews with attendees we selected the way the workshop is designed: lots of interaction, good mix of participants, lots of cases.

We signed up two sponsors for the workshop.

We worked with the event location on the very details of the experience. You will like it.


The results from our poll are in. Thank you for participating.
We have asked what the most important topics regarding merger integration are. Multiple answers were possible.
In addition we asked what else is important and we are listing some of the answers below, too. The main topics were: how to closely link due diligence and merger integration, interaction at the workshop, Sharing cases, best practices and failures.


We ordered the agenda topics along the stats below. We removed insights from research from the agenda.

We will make sure that main topics raised are covered well in the workshop.



"Would like to see some real insight on how merger/acquisition leaders are ensuring that the business objectives laid out prior to close are being translated and realized in the integration."
"good interaction with audience on concrete experience with merger integration"
"sharing best practices but also sharing examples where things went wrong with an analysis about the why and how things could have been done better. roadmap for post merger integration"

January 15th

Talked to some design thinking coaches that might join the workshop and help us create new solutions that we create jointly at the workshop.

January 13th

Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors: Sponsors support this event and bring important knowledge from their experiences in many post merger integrations into the workshop.

We carefully select only one sponsor in each of the categories: Financial, HR, IT, Legal, Tool vendor, PMI consulting. That´s it.

tatkraft Events is in full swing organizing the detailed plans for the location. You can already feel good about the location as well as food and drinks that will be served.

January 12th

more votes, more sponsors, more participant wishes. design narrows down. another wave of social network marketing. location detail plans progress well: nice place, nice food, this will be fun.

the immersive workshop takes time, we will work from 8.30 AM - 7 PM on May 11 2016.

we can give answers to two important questions:

FAQ 1: Language of the workshop: English only.

FAQ 2: Is this workshop tied to an industry? no, it is generic unless you say it should be different HERE.

January 11th

Work with location progressing well. The votes are rolling in, please continue to vote at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSWMYFB

here is a first glimpse of interim results, multiple votes were possible:


January 9th 2016

It´s voting time. we have added one additional workshop topic and sent out email blasts to about 500 people, published on Xing, Google plus, twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You can also vote here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSWMYFB

January 8th 2016

Yep. The Fees have been published HERE.

Signed up tatkraft events to coordinate the event. Several calls with potential participants and sponsors.

January 5th 2016

Back from vacation, checking offer and finalizing details with the location. Sending out a second wave of emails to potential influencers.

december 24th

no activity except christmas preparations. merry christmas!

December 23rd

Getting ready for the christmas break. Thinking about the right partners for the event.

December 22nd

We had more sponsor discussions, seems like the interest is growing and i might be able to sign up numerous sponsors. great.

December 21st

Fruitful discussion within Gesellschaft für Post Merger Integration. We will have participation from members of this charitable association and we will hand out a price for the best master thesis about merger integration sponsored by GFPMI.DE.


More discussions with participants and sponsors today. The concept of the workshop is getting more and more concrete, see the updates on the Agenda Page.

December 17th

Visiting Villa Kennedy. Ambience at its best. Talking about the participant journey during the workshop.

In addition we talked to further potential sponsors.

Workshops will be small teams of max. ten people including the workshop lead.

Workshop leads will be "famous", outstanding practitioners or consultants. We also narrowed down some workshop titles based on feedback from several participants and sponsors. We also changed and detailed workshop titles based on feedback.


Today´s updates are (click on it!): Agenda page, Experience page, Home page

What are the key things participants wish to take home? Is it discussions, videos, content like textbooks?

What are the experiences and memories, new contacts, new inspirations for the participants? See the Experiences page for the current status.

In addition, sponsor categories have been created.

The experience: it should be immersive. Why not use panel discussions, case studies, and thought leading presentations for optimum learning and engagement? What about a video box, where each participants can share a statement about merger integration and about the event?

What are your thoughts? Send them on the "A workshop made for you" page.

Ok, the fee structure is final now, soon to be published on the web page.

December 15th

Scheduled more meetings with potential workshop attendees to get their wishes.

December 14th 2015

More feedback from additional supporters. Fishing for input from 60 merger integration peers via email campaign. Scheduled appointment at Villa Kennedy to discuss details.

December 13th 2015

Got feedback that agenda is not perfect. But that is exactly the plan right now. Get feedback and shape the agenda and the interaction. People want more interaction, less pure play presentations. check.

december 12th 2015

i have detailed the goals of the workshop, you can find it here: GOALS & AGENDA

i also changed the website for more intuitive ways to use it and find information and added Google Analytics to the website.

December 11th 2015

Website gets an imprint. Meetings with additional sponsors scheduled. Continuing to work on the business model and value prop of the workshop.


Also worked on the pricing model for participants. People involved in creating the workshop will get cheaper fees. That is also one way to make it a pleasant workshop.

December 10th 2015

Had a meeting with a first potential sponsor. He seems to be interested and wants to share his thoughts, ideas how to make the perfect workshop for sponsors. Cool.

December 8th 2015

The perfect workshop needs the perfect location. Hm. I like Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich and Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt for meetings. Ok, let´s talk to Villa Kennedy first.

December 7th 2015

Ok. I have created a new workshop. So now let us collect ideas, topics, sponsors. But wait. What makes a good workshop? What practices are there to create a good workshop. This brought me back to design thinking. Let´s collect information from participants, sponsors what wishes, problems, ideas regarding workshops they have and build on that.

If you have such wishes , ideas, problems please drop your thoughts HERE.