52 professionals in the merger integration business met in Frankfurt to discuss topics based on  design thinking at Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt. The ballroom was equipped with three workshop spaces to ensure maximum interaction and productive discussions. Participants were equipped with personalized agendas that were based on their interests and wishes.

After the first keynote, "Dancing the integration tango" (video here), the design thinking coach fired up the crowd with a warmup game. Now everybody knew each other and was ready to start working. Three parallel workshops were focused on the topics of leveraging wisdom from a recent study, Integration planning during due diligence and after signing, and Integration of new business models.

Then, a second keynote presented by Jochen Schultze from Nokia focused on "Digitizing M&A - Nokia’s innovative approach to running complex global deals" (video here). After a short break, workshop interaction continued on the topics of Leveraging tools for successful integration, Best practices for managing the integration project and Change management. After lunch, there were two additional workshop slots covering, besides other topics, Synergy development across the M&A lifecycle,  Skills, education and organization of merger integration topics and Mastering IT Integration.

The workshop ended with an award ceremony, where three impactful Master Theses were presented a cash award.

What is the impact after the event? The community continues to interact in the Gesellschaft für PMI, all participants will receive writeups of the workshop to ensure conservation of the results, wisdom from the workshop will be shared in parts in the Free Knowhow section.

Feedback for the workshop was overwhelmingly positive.