Reasons to join the workshop

You will have the opportunity to learn from the best in merger integration by addressing your topics and discussing them in joint, interactive workshops based on design thinking. We are striving for one of the best experiences you ever had in a workshop. Just two short keynotes, the rest is all workshop without scripts. All details come out of interaction with you.


Merger integration experts from participating companies and from sponsors plus seasoned experts from the merger integration association ( You will meet participants from companies like :

Bosch, CMS, Daimler, FAS AG, International Mergers and acquisitions alliance, German pmi association, Innocorp, Mediengruppe Pressedruck, Philips, SAP, Schaeffler, Siemens, SNP, SynomiC, Xperience connect gmbh.

Share of Participants by industry

European Workshop on merger integration Frankfurt May 2016

What will you gain?

You will return home with answers to your issues and questions and with the memories of a perfect workshop in photographs and writeups of workshop results.

We will discuss your issues in these topic based workshops based on design thinking:

Look who´s talking: Essential COMMUNICATION in merger integration

Talking to Martians: CULTURAL INTEGRATION issues and resolutions

No business like new business: BUSINESS MODEL INTEGRATION of new, innovative or disruptive business models of targets

No fooling but tooling: Leveraging TOOLS for successful IT INTEGRATION

One more time: Preparing for SERIAL ACQUISITIONS

The early bird catches the worm: INTEGRATION PLANNING during due diligence and after signing

Disruption galore: Brainstorming next generation M&A processes

Acqui-HIRES: buying companies for people only

Mystery topic

What is happening there?