The best workshop is a workshop made for you

What makes a perfect workshop experience on the topic of merger integration? YOU.

Your topics will be addressed, your questions will be answered, your wishes will be fulfilled.

We welcome participants from all industries.

How do we do that?

This workshop is based on Design Thinking.

Before the workshop: We asked participants about their idea of a perfect workshop and created it along those lines.

At the workshop: For each topic of the workshop, we will have a design thinking based discussion of issues and we will create new solutions based on the inputs of the workshop participants.

People have voted for the content of the workshop

Here are the results. We will pick the top topics and make them part of the workshop.

planned workshop RESULTS

Participants selected topics for the workshop and the way the workshop is designed: lots of interaction, good mix of participants, lots of cases.

Each participant gets his personalized agenda to maximise the value of the workshop for him/her.

Each participant gets short writeups of each workshop to take home the knowledge and experience.

Sign up for a discount and the chance to influence the workshop

As an influencer, you get a reduced admittance fee for the workshop.

Submit your wishes, ideas, requests for content, workshop design, speakers, panels here and we will care.

Strict no spam policy, you will just be informed about the workshop and merger integration topics.

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