It´s time for changing M&A

Many M&A practitioners have worked on improving their processes for years. Numerous improvements have been created for the professional practice for mergers and acquisitions. Success rate of post merger integration projects have never been higher. Yet, increasing the automated or semi-automated part of these processes has not been in the focus.

Now is the time to reach the next level for these processes. We have to embrace technology to leapfrog today´s processes!

How to innovate?

With technological innovations in the M&A process we will be:
- reaching a higher level of automation and end-to-end application support for M&A processes.

- increasing transparency about suppliers like M&A consultants via M&A Marketplaces,

- leveraging machine learning in the M&A process, like automatic contract analysis or automatic matching of target employees to acquirer job catalogues,

- take M&A process to the next level by establishing a business model integration workstream,

- improving IT integration by massively automating tasks like automatic IT landscape scans and

- having online PMI skills training available.

Sounds futuristic, many of these things are available today.

GIve me more details, please

Follow me on the innovation trail that will show you innovations in task and process automation in the M&A process. Stay tuned for posts on this news blog on details of innovations in the M&A process or follow me on twitter @karl_popp

Join the ride

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