Recap of the 2016 Workshop in Frankfurt

What participants say

The comments and feedback about the workshop have been very positive:

Best M&A workshop ever
Sehr professionelle und hochinteressante Veranstaltung


50 Merger integration experts from participating companies and from sponsors plus seasoned experts from the merger integration association ( You will meet participants from companies like

Accuracy, Acxit Capital Partners, AON, Ardex,  Beyond the Deal, Bosch, European power exchange, Gemalto, Innocorp, M&A Review, Magna, Midaxo, Mondi Group, Nokia, Philips, SAP SE, Siemens AG, stada, Stryker, SNP AG, Transline.

What was the experience at the workshop?


WHat did people like?

We collected feedback at the end of the workshop what people liked about it. They liked that they got to know people, that the workshop was highly interactive. They also liked that each participant had their personalized agenda and that the focus of the workshop was on merger integration only. They liked the setup of the workshop (just two short presentations, four slots for interactive workshops, long coffee breaks) and the openmindedness at the workshop. They also liked the actionable part, which means that each participant was asked to work, interact and produce results. And people liked Olaf´s shirt color.

WHat were the topics in the interactive group discussions?

Best practices for managing the integration project

Integration planning during due diligence and after signing

change management and merger integration

synergy development across the M&A lifecycle

Mastering IT integration - excellence in system migration

integration of new, innovative business models

leveraging wisdom from a recent study on merger integration

skills, education and organization of merger integration topics

leveraging tools for successful integration

What were the keynotes?

"Dancing the Integration Tango - PMI Study Reveals Insights" Keynote by Accuracy and AON Hewitt


"Digitizing M&A - Nokia’s innovative approach to running complex global deals" by Jochen Schultze, Nokia

What was the Atmosphere at the workshop?

The terms friendly, open, collaborative and productive describe the workshop best.

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